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  1. Kevin says:


    Been trying to download the file on the following link and 2 days in the a row its taken ages to download and after a little while it says network error.


    Kindly could you email me the file.



    • gonghaohui says:

      Thank you for your comment, this problem is solved, please download it again, if your still have question, please let me know, i will solve it as soon as possible.

  2. Irfan says:

    I Want to Weekly updates of your site on my E-mail.

    • gonghaohui says:

      Sorry about that, we don’t have this function now, but i believe that we will make it in the future, thank’s for your suggest, have a nice day!

  3. masfiun says:

    untuk link download file dibawah,dan brosur2 yang lainnya, gak bisa. mohon pencerahannya


    • gonghaohui says:

      Hi Masfiun
      The first, sorry for my mistake, This download file link was fix, please download it again, thank’s.

  4. OKIE says:

    Been trying to download the file on the following link but cannot, could you please fix the link.


    many thanks,

  5. idrisjakarta says:

    salam kenal.
    saya mau nanya, apakahh gambar gambar ini bisa saya gunakan secara gratis.
    saya ingin membuat kartu yang gambar ilustrasinya anak anak dan rencana mau saya jual.
    terima kasih sebelumnya

  6. init says:

    i want this type of file in vector or psd format image is in the link below

    i mean the above content all dishes and tea set not the base..

    thank you

  7. kendy says:

    I trying to download the file on the following link but its broken :(
    Could you fix it…. thank u

    • gonghaohui says:

      Hi, Kendy
      Thank you of your comment, the download link has fixed, please surf it for downloading again, thank’s.

  8. init says:


  9. de says:

    are the images free to use for a business card?

  10. Laz says:

    Hi there,

    Great stuff, but I get a lot of Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)errors when trying to download landscapes?


    Could you please check?


    • gonghaohui says:

      Hi, Laszlo
      This hosting was down, i still try to look for the file which i lost, that would be take a long time, please download other file you want in the web, thank you for your comment.

  11. Daniel Caseri says:

    Boa tarde, estou tentando vários download e todos dão erro


    por exemplo.

    • gonghaohui says:

      Hi Daniel Caseri,
      Por favor, baixá-lo novamente, eu ter corrigido o link para download já, muito obrigado pelo seu comentário.

  12. Daniel Caseri says:

    gonghaohui muito obrigado, posso postar alguns links que o download mostra-se com problemas? :)

    e muito bom o site, :)

  13. Katiele Vianna says:

    Olá, boa tarde!
    O download do link a seguir está dando erro:



  14. HaKaN says:

    Sitenizden indirdiğim tüm rar dosyalarında şifre var ve bu şireler nedir ne değildir bilemiyorum ama hiçbirini kullanamıyorum. Lütfen bu konuya acil bir çözüm bulur musunuz? sizlere indirmiş olduğum çalışmaların bir kaç tenesinin linkini alt kısımda veriyorum



    ikinci linkteki tüm kategorideki meteryaller rar dosayısnda şifreli

  15. Dave says:


    Can you provide the link to the snowflake photoshop brushstrokes or source of the actual snowflakes you used in your winter scene, as I would like to use just one of the snowflakes in a design.

    Here is the winter scene:

    I’m interested in the snowflake on the left part of the scene that is medium sized compared to some of the larger ones.


    • gonghaohui says:

      Hi Dave,
      There are too many source files here, if difficult to find out the file with snowflakes for what you want, but as i know, your can search the key word ‘Christmas’ or ‘snowflake’ on search bar, i hope this message could be useful for you, thank’s for your review.

  16. Andrea says:

    pessoal, nao consigo baixar nenhum arquivo
    ele da um .rar salvando e abre uma pagina de internet e pede para salvar de novo em .rar, um ciclo vicioso.

    Poderiam me dar uma luz?


    • gonghaohui says:

      Hi Andrea,
      Agradeça ao seu comentário, você pode me dizer qual arquivo voce não pode baixar, é só me mostrar o link para deixar-me corrigir.

  17. CARLOS says:

    Son unos maestros muchas gracias!!

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